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Put your web site's traffic to work for you!

Christ's List is growing in popularity all the time and we'd like to share our visitors with you - if you are willing to do the same.

We have a block of code that you may place in the HTML of your web site. This code activates our partnership and generates a linked image on your site. When your visitors click the image they will visit If your site brings us visitors, your Christ's List ad will automatically renew indefinitely.

Everyday we average the amount of visits brought in by all participating sites. If the number of visits your site brings in is above the average, your site will renew AND be upgraded to an enhanced, national listing. The ranking is real-time and dynamic so as visits come in the list of partners is reordered. Every month the visit counts are reset allowing all participants potential for being displayed on Christ's List.

To become a partner and participate in this FREE program simply create an account and log in. In the control panel you'll find instructions for obtaining and displaying the graphic
Christ's List Christian Classifieds
which MUST appear on your site.

Christ's List is not only committed to it's own success as a best of class Christian resource, but we are also committed to being a viable facilitator for your success as well!

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